Self Racing Head and Engines is owned and operated by Glen and Kevin Self of Durant, Oklahoma. We have a complete race engine shop with everything done in house. We design our own cylinder head ports and intake manifolds, also, doing our cylinder head porting in-house and sheet metal Random Imagefabrication. Glen and Kevin have been building racing engines together as father and son for 27 years, with Glen building Engines and Dyno tuning them and Kevin doing cylinder head porting and intake manifold work. Glen and Kevin have held many NHRA national records with Inline 6 cylinder engine powered cars, V-6's and V-8's. Glen has many national event wins to his credit starting with a win at the 1969 U. S. Nationals. We, at Self Racing, also have a very unique cylinder head modification good enough to earn a U. S. patent. If you are looking for a racing engine or Cylinder heads and intake manifold of engine we have the knowledge and experience to build you a WINNER.